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Technical Biography

Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha is a seasoned data practitioner with a 26+ year proven track record of managing and integrating large data footprints, on-premises and in the Cloud.

In the span of over 2.5 decades, he has worked with a variety of data stores - relational (Oracle & MySQL), Hadoop and NoSQL (MarkLogic, DynamoDB, FireStore & BiqQuery). He is passionate about the design, architecture and deployment of serverless data pipelines in the Cloud.

Gaja is the co-author of two publications - "Oracle Performance Tuning 101" published by Oracle Press and "Oracle Insights : Tales of the Oak Table", published by Apress LP. He is a member of the OakTable Network and his claim to technical fame was in the invention of the term "Compulsive Tuning Disorder" (CTD) circa 2000.