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Customers & Partner Testimonials

"Rentrak's Box Office Essentials product collects and reports box-office performance data from more than 4,000 theatre locations across North America, and is used by executives from the majority of the motion picture studios in Hollywood. Many of the reports on our web application perform a multitude of advanced calculations on data arriving in real-time. Our requirements for up-time, scalability, and performance are extremely high, and Rentrak approached Gaja to enhance our competitive edge by making our system even faster and more efficient. Within the first few hours of his first day, Gaja made improvements...improvements that our clients could see (445% faster response time). We continue to rely upon Gaja's talents to guide many of our database design decisions to ensure Box Office Essentials remains a high performance system. "

- Tim Pitzer, Executive Director, Theatrical Operations, Rentrak Corporation

"As a professional adviser for the Oracle DB related arena, your broader knowledge and experience is highly respected and trusted among the people involved in this project. Your professionalism is inspiring, and I am sure that the value created in this endeavour will bring us potential returns in the future."

- Toyosuke Torimoto, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ITX E-G America Inc.

"Gaja is a pleasure to work with. Gaja and I have been working at a very large client to diagnose performance issues. He has excellent communication and problem solving skills to quickly diagnose issues and provide recommendations. My company and client have been very happy with his overall work. I look forward to continuing to work with Gaja in the future."

- Michael Hogan, Engagement Manager, Model N Inc.,