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Customers & Partner Testimonials

"As a professional adviser for the Oracle DB related arena, your broader knowledge and experience is highly respected and trusted among the people involved in this project. Your professionalism is inspiring, and I am sure that the value created in this endeavour will bring us potential returns in the future."

- Toyosuke Torimoto, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ITX E-G America Inc.

"Gaja is a Oracle tuning powerhouse. He's highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and when it comes to teaching or presenting on Oracle, he is rarely surpassed. I had the pleasure to work with Gaja both at Quest and Oracle. At Oracle, Gaja and I redesigned the performance monitoring interface in Oracle's Enterprise Manager which received much acclaim in the industry for the power and utility of the new interface."

- Kyle Hailey, Director, Oracle Corporation

"Gaja was brought in for a special ops role to tune a complex Oracle implementation. This implementation required order of magnitude improvement. Gaja delivered in spades. I and my colleagues learned a lot from him, and found him a willing and outstanding mentor. If you need an Oracle guru once your own DBA's have done all they can - he's your man."

- Daniel Anthony, Manager, Accenture PLC