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Customers & Partner Testimonials

"Gaja is a tremendous resource for anyone looking for fact-based technical answers for their Oracle issues... At BEZ Systems we've used Gaja's services on a number of occasions to help us focus our predictive performance solution towards the highest demand segments of the Oracle marketplace. Gaja's technical expertise coupled with his real-life operational experience allows him to make informed decisions and provide common sense recommendations that truly resonate in the Oracle community..."

- Brian Doyle, Product Manager, BEZ Systems Inc.

"Gaja is a pleasure to work with. Gaja and I have been working at a very large client to diagnose performance issues. He has excellent communication and problem solving skills to quickly diagnose issues and provide recommendations. My company and client have been very happy with his overall work. I look forward to continuing to work with Gaja in the future."

- Michael Hogan, Engagement Manager, Model N Inc.,

"Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha is one of the pioneers in creating the new "science" of Oracle performance analysis."

- Cary Millsap, Founder, Method R Corporation