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What Our Customers and Friends Say About Us

"Gaja comes with an incredible depth of knowledge in the performance tuning of Oracle. At Model N, we have used other database consultants before. Gaja, however, was the first that truly used an evidence based approach. He was able to quickly diagnose root causes and propose effective solutions. His integrity, professionalism, and communication skills are excellent, giving us full confidence when working with our customers. Over the past few years, Gaja has been great resource for Model N and a wonderful person to work with."

- Dr. John Ellithorpe, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Model N Inc.

"Gaja is never afraid to seek new paths to enlighten others, telling the audience the right things, and debunking myths wherever he can."

- Mogens Norgaard, Founder/Technical Director, Miracle AS, Denmark

"As a professional adviser for the Oracle DB related arena, your broader knowledge and experience is highly respected and trusted among the people involved in this project. Your professionalism is inspiring, and I am sure that the value created in this endeavour will bring us potential returns in the future."

- Toyosuke Torimoto, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ITX E-G America Inc.