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What Our Customers and Friends Say About Us

"A true guru in performance management of Oracle databases. I have known Gaja professionally and personally since 1997. I have always been amazed at the technical depth and experience that Gaja has on performance from the Oracle database level, all the way to the storage and operating systems levels. It is this unique skillset, his ability to "translate" complex technical jargon to analysis and recommendations understandable by technical and business teams, combined with his passion and pride in the quality of work he does, that makes him so great in what he does. It has been an honor and great experience to have worked with him."

- Estella Chan, Engineering Manager, Google Inc.,

"Gaja's method for getting quickly to the heart of performance problems is elegant, effective and empowering. It can be learned by DBAs of almost any skill and experience level, and requires only an ssh or terminal session to the server in question to be deployed. As a trainer Gaja is clear and authoritative, and makes the process of learning fun and lively. He knows intuitively how to tailor his presentation to his audience, taking time where necessary to clarify any complexities, or speeding on where his audience's knowledge is stronger. As a consultant he is attentive and energetic, and sensitively spreads his enthusiasm throughout the team. The Oracle DBAs at Vattenfall in Berlin highly recommend him!"

- Ralf Korff, Manager, Databases, VattenFall Europe Information Services GmbH.

"Gaja was brought in for a special ops role to tune a complex Oracle implementation. This implementation required order of magnitude improvement. Gaja delivered in spades. I and my colleagues learned a lot from him, and found him a willing and outstanding mentor. If you need an Oracle guru once your own DBA's have done all they can - he's your man."

- Daniel Anthony, Manager, Accenture PLC