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Customers & Partner Testimonials

"Gaja is one of the pioneers in 'wait event based' oracle performance tuning based where rest of the world working with 'hit ratios' and guess works. Notably his book is the first book on oracle performance tuning which made oracle performance tuning as science and took the guess work out of it. Gaja has deeper understanding of the scalable storage architecture and various layers in the I/O subsystem starting from disk spindles, operating systems, oracle to application layer. There are very few people in the world who understands the storage and oracle combined to greater depth and Gaja is one among them."

- Gopal Kandhaswamy, Specialist[Strategic Deployment], Oracle Corporation

"Gaja is a Oracle tuning powerhouse. He's highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and when it comes to teaching or presenting on Oracle, he is rarely surpassed. I had the pleasure to work with Gaja both at Quest and Oracle. At Oracle, Gaja and I redesigned the performance monitoring interface in Oracle's Enterprise Manager which received much acclaim in the industry for the power and utility of the new interface."

- Kyle Hailey, Director, Oracle Corporation

"A true guru in performance management of Oracle databases. I have known Gaja professionally and personally since 1997. I have always been amazed at the technical depth and experience that Gaja has on performance from the Oracle database level, all the way to the storage and operating systems levels. It is this unique skillset, his ability to "translate" complex technical jargon to analysis and recommendations understandable by technical and business teams, combined with his passion and pride in the quality of work he does, that makes him so great in what he does. It has been an honor and great experience to have worked with him."

- Estella Chan, Engineering Manager, Google Inc.,