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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 26, 2019: Talk at the AI Society of Hong Kong : AI - A Data Practitioner's Perspective

Abstract - Almost every AI discussion today revolves around a consumer's point of view - the ways we will live and interact with AI. Although this is important and it is very exciting to speculate and predict our future augmented life, it is equally important that we took a look at AI from the other perspective. Of that of a producer, i.e., the data that feeds an AI entity. This is fundamental to the idea that without high quality and standardization of data inputs, the output/actions of any AI entity, will be questionable at best. And this is where Data Integration plays an integral role. The importance of building reliable, scalable and Cloud-based data integration hubs/pipelines that deliver high-quality standardized data cannot be understated. We hold a huge social and moral responsibility in providing clean data, to AI entities that we will interact with.

The home page for the AI Society of Hong Kong is here - https://aisociety.hk/

Location: Garage Society Wan Chai, Hong Kong SAR
Time: 19:00 hrs

Wednesday, March 6, 2019: 9th CIO Leadership Forum - Strategic Keynote & Panel Discussion

1) Strategic Keynote : Overcoming Data & Cloud Integration Challenges in a Digital-First World @ 14:00 hrs
2) Technology Future-Proofing Panel Discussion: Innovating and Integrating New Technology to Launch Cost Effective Digital Solutions @ 16:00 hrs

Location: The Mira Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
Time: 14:00 & 16:00 hrs