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Services Overview

We provide world-class technical, strategic and management consulting in the areas of Cloud Computing, Cloud Database Deployment, Oracle Performance Management, High Availability & Disaster Recovery, Data Consolidation and Information Lifecycle Management in both Exadata and non-Exadata environments. We do this with professionalism, honesty and integrity within reasonable boundaries of your requirements, time frame and cost. We have worked with a variety of configurations across various ERP and custom applications on multiple operating systems, server and storage vendors from Oracle 6.0.31 to 12.2 including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). We can also empower your employees by imparting them the core fundamentals of Oracle Performance Management through our two-day seminar. We also mentor your staff is all relevant technology areas as it relates to Oracle databases.

We provide real life industry expertise that can generate significant Return on Investment (ROI) on Data Integration/Consolidation & Information Lifecycle Management initiatives. Data Consolidation is a building block for Cloud Computing, without which the 'on-premises' data issues, get transported to the Public Cloud. Nothing something you really want.

Last but not the least, we work within the constraints of your budget and your hardware and software environments, to design and develop a robust high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) plan that will protect the information assets of your enterprise.

The Method (The Way We Do It)

Everything that we do is data-driven. We don't say 'We think....', we say 'We know...'. We don't take broad-brush swipes at anything. We do small well-contained proof-of-concept (POC) projects and utilize the data and the lessons learned for the next phase.

In the Performance Management realm, we subscribe to using "response time" as the primary metric to guide us in our quest to "getting to the bottom of a performance problem". This is an industry proven and repeatable method that is devoid of black magic. It brings back the science in performance management. Further, we do not propose, design or develop solutions just to be on the "bandwagon" or because the technology is in hype. We adhere to the KISS principle to ensure that you (our customer), gets the biggest bang for the buck with the least effort and cost.

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