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Services Overview

We provide technical data management services for Cloud-native systems. We subscribe to the paradigm of serverless computing, as it is the way of the future. We offer our services with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

The Method (The Way We Do It)

Everything that we do is data-driven. Instead of saying 'We think....', we say 'We know...it is...'. We do not take broad-brush swipes at anything, as we believe in small, iterative, well-defined proof-of-concept (POC) projects. We continually incorporate the lessons learned every day in an agile fashion. Our goal is to be a 'Trusted Technical Advisor' in your Cloud journey.

We live and practice the 'response time mantra' to get to the bottom of a performance problem. We adhere to the KISS principle to ensure that you get the maximum value for the least relevant effort and cost.

Detailed description of our services in the aforementioned link.