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SAN & Storage Sub-System Performance Analysis

Storage performance problems manifest themselves in many ways - inconsistent application response times and lack of better CPU utilization with higher user loads are the most common forms. If you are dealing with a never-ending saga with an performance problem associated with a SAN or a storage array, we can definitely help. We will assist you by facilitating and performing low-level storage diagnostics in conjunction with your IT Infrastructure Team. This will help you to get to the "bottom of the storage performance problem".

We can provide this service regardless of type of storage or the vendor. Our understanding of how Oracle works along with the various levels of RAID and the interplay with volume configuration will assist you in securing a comprehensive picture of your storage sub-system. With focus on Input-Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and Throughput/Transfer Rate (MB/sec) vis-a-vis the specification of the hardware and the I/O operations that are performed from the Oracle database, we get to the bottom of the problem very quickly.

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