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High Availability & Disaster Recovery

The infamous 5 nines (99.999%) up-time goal for systems is the "holy grail" for almost anyone in the IT world. We all like our systems to be available 24x7 and performing at peak efficiency. But realistically achieving that lofty goal takes a lot of planning, design and cost (both software and hardware). High Availability (HA) comes in many flavors, sizes and shapes and there is truly no "one size that fits all solution". We utilize our industry experience to work within your budget to provide you the best possible HA architecture for your applications and databases. We provide this service without bias to any specific hardware or software technology solution available in the marketplace.

Many folks in the IT industry are not clear about the distinction between HA and Disaster Recovery (DR). We define HA has business and application continuance. DR is defined as the "must have" coverage when the HA configuration is completely unavailable (natural disaster or any unusual events). For example, if an application/database is part of an HA environment, the minimum number of servers required is 2. When DR is added to an HA environment, the minimum number of servers required is 3. In our world, HA and DR it is all about keeping your business up, by ensuring that applications and databases provide the required level of service at the required performance and up-time. In the end, HA & DR is all about your requirements and budget. You will always need both HA and DR, as one does not obviate the need for another.

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