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Two-Day Oracle Performance Management Seminar

The world of Oracle performance management has a reputation as part science, part art, and mostly wizardry.

This seminar imparts the core principles of performance management by sharing a methodology to investigate, determine, and implement "meaningful solutions" to real problems. It covers relevant topics on all releases of Oracle, from version 7.0 to 11gR2, predominantly focusing on version 11gR2. This seminar also provides a detailed discussion on "Oracle Exadata" Performance Management. The syllabus for the seminar includes the following:

  • Oracle Database Architecture Review
  • What is Multi-Version Read Consistency (MVRC) and why is it relevant?
    • How does Oracle implement MVRC?
  • What is Performance Optimization?
    • When should you optimize?
  • Oracle Performance Tuning Methodology
  • The Method Behind the Madness
    • Oracle Diagnostics (I)
    • Operating System Diagnostics (II)
    • Correlating I & II
  • The Guts of OWI
    • The core performance diagnostic views
    • Low-level trace methods (10046, 10053)
  • Understanding the Oracle Optimizer
  • Performance Management in Oracle 11gR2
  • Oracle Exadata Performance Management
  • Performance Case Studies from the Real World
  • Conclusion

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